"I agree this product is amazing. Had a bamboo tray over the bath which had quite a bit of mould on it. I tried the Silicone and advance mould removal and it looks as good as new - Love it - Just ordered some more online for the batch! ."


From our facebook page.

500ml - BioGro Certified Silicone & Advance Mould Removal

  • Born in New Zealand Silicone and Advance Mould Removal kills stubborn mould & germs. Simply, spray, wait and watch the mould disappear! This is a safe and super fast way to get rid of the mould that resides in your silicone. Certified Organic and made from renewable natural ingredients, our formula is good for your home, good for your family and good for the planet.

    It works on:

    • Bathroom Silicone
    • Tile Grout
    • Sink Surrounds
    • Refrigerator seal
    • Textured ceiling
    • Stubborn mould areas